OFCCP Settles with Fastenal Company for $1.25M

By | October 9, 2015

On October 8, 2015, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) announced a settlement with Fastenal Company to resolve allegations of hiring discrimination, which includes a payment of $1,253,611 to a class of 7,398 African Americans and 1,055 women. The OFCCP is alleging that Fastenal discriminated against 171 general warehouse job applicants at distribution facilities in Indianapolis and Atlanta. At the time the alleged discrimination took place, Fastenal received over $35 million in federal contracts. The news release can be found at: http://www.dol.gov/opa/media/press/ofccp/OFCCP20151957.htm.

The OFCCP alleged that Fastenal used screening and testing practices that discriminated against African Americans and women. Also, OFCCP alleged that during the investigation the company destroyed or failed to provide various employment records in an attempt to hinder the investigation. Fastenal has agreed to stop use of the written test and revise their hiring and recordkeeping practices to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. This settlement shows the OFCCP’s continued focus on entry level hiring.

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