Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter

By | November 30, 2009

On November 30, 2009, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs released the newest version of the Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL), which was first used in 2004.

The CSAL is notification to a contractor that two or more of its establishments are on the list of contractor establishments selected to undergo a compliance evaluation during the scheduling cycle.  The list is generated from OFCCP’s Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS).  The CSAL is not a letter scheduling a compliance evaluation. OFCCP sends the letters as a courtesy to advise contractors that at least two of its establishments have been identified for possible scheduling of a compliance evaluation during the current scheduling cycle.

The Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS) replaced the Equal Employment Data System (EEDS), which was developed in the late 1970’s. As stated in the letter “The FCCS is an administratively neutral selection system that identifies Federal contractor establishments for evaluation through multiple information sources and analytical procedures, including the use of EEO-1 Reports; development of threshold requirements, such as establishment size; random sampling; analysis of external Federal contract databases to better establish jurisdictional coverage; and the use of a mathmatical model that ranks Federal contractor estalishments based on an indicator of potential workplace discrimination.  compares contractor workforce profiles reported on EEO-1 reports to others in the same industry.  It also compares contractor workforce profiles to profiles obtained from the Census 2000 Special Equal Employment File, and applies a mathematical model to select contractors for compliance reviews.”

The CSAL is not a Compliance Review Scheduling Letter.  The Scheduling Letter is the OMB-approved letter sent to an establishment to start the evaluation process. The letter is used to notify a particular contractor establishment that it has been scheduled for a compliance evaluation; and request submission of the contractor’s Affirmative Action Program(s) and the supporting data.